Introducing Book Bestie, Jamie McLachlan

As some of you may know, I’m Jamie McLachlan—Canadian author of the Memory Collector Series: Mind of the Phoenix (an Amazon Bestseller in Dark Fantasy), Pawn of the Phoenix, and Rise of the Phoenix. The Memory Collector Series follows Moira and Detective Keenan Edwards as they search for the Phoenix, a serial killer intent on eliminating the Elite and freeing the empaths. Moira, an empath and slave to the Elite, must decide how much her freedom is worth and what she’s willing to sacrifice in order to attain it.

I’m delighted to be a part of Book Besties, and I can still remember the first time we reached out to one another. It’s been quite the journey, and I’m glad I got to share it with these lovely authors. The theme and title of Déjà You: Stories of Second Chances came easily to us, while the cover took us a little longer to find one that suited all of our stories. And the actual stories? Well, to be honest, at first I wasn’t sure what to write. I’m used to creating stories that span over more than one novel with intricate plotlines, mystery in any form, some romance, and fantasy. I’ve only written a few short stories, most of which were written years ago.

So, naturally, I went into panic mode. Amanda, Bianca, Cathie, and Kelly all had their ideas formed, and some of them had even started writing. Not to mention I was already overwhelmed with the task of finishing writing and editing Rise of the Phoenix. But part of being a writer is stepping out of your boundaries. Eventually an idea came to mind, and I ran with it. What originally started as a desire to twist the Beauty and the Beast story morphed into something else. So while it’s different from my usual works, “The Eyes of the Heart” still contains the key elements: a strong female protagonist, a hint of the fantastical, and a little steaminess between the two characters.

Here’s an excerpt from “The Eyes of the Heart.”

He swung her arm left and pressed her fingers into a glob of paint. The cool substance pooled around her fingertips and sent a thrill of exhilaration through her. Her mouth parted, but no words of admonishment left her lips. Beneath the musky hot air and paint fumes, Reid’s earthy scent wrapped around her.

            “And you don’t need to paint with brushes.” He lifted her hand and pressed her fingers into the canvas. “You can use your hands. Create something new, something no one has ever seen before. Or you can simply paint for yourself.”

            Reid stretched his hand against hers, weaving his fingers between hers.

            His breath stirred the hair by her ear as he whispered a proclamation. “If I could give you back your sight, I would.”

            His words fell around her, unheard. Heat emanated from his chest and pressed into her back, adding to the inferno burning inside her. Cool air caressed her neck and raised the small hairs on her skin as he exhaled. His hand, large and rough, covered her dainty one. He slid their hands across the canvas, spreading the paint. A streak of light shot across her vision and colour shimmered before her eyes. An electric blue. Rosalina sucked in air through her teeth, mesmerized by the sight. Impossible.

In addition to novels and short stories, I dabble in poetry—some of which can be found on my website. When not writing, I enjoy reading, exploring various crafts, spending time with my husband and son—and looking forward to the little one soon to come!—and letting my imagination roam with the help of great music. Most of the books on my TBR list are of the fantasy variety, though I do sometimes branch out when I have the time. I love creating things, so my house is filled with home-made home décor. Some other activities I enjoy are scrapbooking, quilting, photography, and attempting gardening. And while a lot of authors claim coffee to be their fuel, mine is music. Nothing like a beautiful song to motivate and inspire me to write.

So with that, I’ll leave you with one of the songs that helped me write “The Eyes of the Heart.”

“Still Falling for You” by Ellie Goulding.


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