Introducing Book Bestie, Bianca M. Schwarz

Bianca M Schwarz was born in Germany, spent her formative years in London, has a US passport and considers herself a world citizen. She lives in Los Angeles because that’s where they make movies and she used to work on them. She writes novels because that’s kind of like making a movie in people’s heads and because she just loves books. Bianca has one son, because that’s all she can handle and she tolerates her husband because, well, she loves him and there is no help for that.

After publishing A Thing Of Beauty with Penner Publishing in October of 2015, she spent some time figuring out how to promote a book. She made some friends and sold some books, but mostly wasted a lot of time on social media. Eventually she threw up her hands in despair and went back to her writing desk.

Since then, Bianca has completed the second Sir Henry mystery, She Walks In Beauty, and is currently working on a related novella and the third big mystery in the series. She also wrote a short story for the anthology Déjà You, to be published by Emerald Lily Publishing on May 30, 2017. Another short story, Wicked House, will be published later this year.


Hmm, the above bio gives you a snapshot of  the writer Bianca M Schwarz and what she is doing, but it tells you very little about me, or how and why I came to be me. I’m supposed to write a blog to introduce myself to you, my readers and potential readers. So since you already know where I was born, where I live and what I’m working on, I guess I’ll tell you about the things I love, the things that inspire me, the things I dream of.

I feel at home in the world of art and photography, but my first and most enduring love is for stories. Books, movies and the theatre, they all have the potential to thrill me with a well told story. I like to be put into the scene with visual descriptions of time, place and the characters. I try to do that in my stories. I spend endless hours researching the everyday details of life in a bygone era and then do my best to create that picture in the minds eye of my readers. I set my stories in places I have been to so I can describe them in the detail I deem necessary. It’s all part of creating that movie in peoples heads.

Nature always has the power to inspire me.  My landscape photography is my way of honoring nature. Our planet is truly beautiful and in need of our care, love and protection. I also go for long walks in the green spaces around LA, and let my characters loose in my head whilst I do.

I love music and absolutely adore finding it in a lyrical description or a poetic line, but always in the service of telling the story. Less is more, they say, and I agree. I always know when I have found a character’s voice, their dialogue begins to have it’s own rhythm and as the characters get to know each other, there will be rhythmic counterpoints. I love it when my characters start chatting in my head and I can really hear the cadence of their speech. It truly is music to my ears. I also assign melodies to them, like they do in movies sometimes.

My own taste in music is eclectic. I’m mostly an Indie Rock chick with a leaning towards Jazz and a deep appreciation for classical music, but I believe that good music transcends genre. For the second Sir Henry Mystery I listened to a lot of classical piano music and old English folk songs, but because I can’t expect my readers to know the pieces of music I describe or I have my characters play, I use it sparingly and hope that they will use my suggestions for the sound track when it comes to making a movie out of my novels.

And that brings me to one of my long-term dreams. I dream of seeing the movie I had playing in my head when I wrote A Thing Of Beauty, or any of my other stories, come to life on the screen. It would also bring me full circle to the moment I saw Wim Wenders’ movie The State Of Things and realized that I wanted to tell stories like that. I chose film as my first medium, mostly because I’m horribly dyslexic. It somehow seemed impossible for someone who has issues with such a basic element of language as spelling, to become a writer of novels. Writing my own projects for film seemed less intimidating.  I’m happy to report that I no longer harbor such scruples.

My other dreams are of a more practical nature. I dream of  having a room just for writing where I can shut the door and no one is allowed to disturb me when I’m working. I also dream of making enough money from writing to move to a cottage overlooking the ocean. And I would dearly love to travel again. I have been lucky enough to have lived in three different countries on two continents. I have traveled quite extensively in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, but there is still much of the world to explore.

Contact Info

Twitter: @schwarzbianca1

Facebook: @BiancaMSchwarzAuthor


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